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When it comes to solving mysteries...
being petite and feisty has its benefits

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First Gear : a Sadie Hawkins mystery

Caught in a killer's crosshairs...


In the heart of Texas, Sadie Hawkins' entrepreneurial dreams  take flight when a golden opportunity lands in her lap: hauling antiquities. But when calamity strikes she finds herself not just fighting for her business, but for her freedom.

Determined to clear her name, Sadie dives into her own investigation, leaning on a motley crew of rehabilitated young adult offenders known as StreetSmart for support. Racing against the clock, confronting both her past and a deadly adversary, Sadie discovers that this mystery holds more than just her future -  it holds her life in the balance. 

Embark on a gripping journey with Sadie as she untangles the web of danger and deceit threatening to consumer her in this suspenseful mystery that will keep you turning pages.

"Sadie is a tough but loveable character who's beholden to no one and takes care of herself...a brisk enjoyable tale of a resourceful amateur investigator"  Kirkus Reviews
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