Book 2  Daughters of the Crescent Moon


The sorceress Narena has done many things for Leisos – advised the king, helped heal a young girl and sent a prince forward in time to save his life. Now, to protect her people, she may have to sacrifice herself, her lover, her child. Maybe even all three.

She hunts for the one who threatens the royal family and the throne of Leisos. And also seeks the daughter taken from her at birth. There's only one problem. They might be one and the same What she finds on  her quest is love and hate, loyalty and betrayal and a revelation that will change her life forever.

Ardis is a warrior and former captain of the king's army. His allegiance to the throne lives in his blood - as does the secret he carries. He will protect both at all costs. Even if it means killing Narena or someone she loves.



*****5 Star Review from Reader's Favorite "Patricia C. Lee has created an enthralling story with all the characters of Destiny's Present. I was riveted to the pages from the first to the last and trying to untie all the little strands of the story as I tugged along on them. I still have some questions, but I like that feeling. Some characters I love, some I hate and some I am not sure what to think of. Ardis, the warrior is perhaps the foremost. But I do know that I want to know more. I enjoyed this book a great deal. I would highly recommend it."  Kathryn Bennett for Reader's Favorite

*****5 Star Review from the Paranormal Romance Guild "This is an amazing series and I can't recommend it enough.  We get many answers in this book and there are many surprises.  Betrayal, love, suspense, and so much more are part of this series.  Although we learn a lot this time around, I can't wait for the third book for all the answers to all the questions. There were so many exciting things that I wanted to reveal so writing this review was difficult since I had to fight not to give any spoilers away." Linda
Tonis. To read the full review, click here  BEWARE SPOILER ALERT!!!

"The book was even better than the first. The characters were amazing. If you are looking for a great series with magic, romance, suspense, great battles, twists, turns, and wondering what's next to come the daughters of crescent moon is the books for you!"  FastReader -

"This is an author who is growing quickly, as evidenced in this novel. It is so much more than a paranormal romance. Lee has created a fully-developed alterna-culture in the tradition of Marion Zimmer Bradley and Diana Gabaldon."  M. Clark -

If you like the first one, you'll like this one. Finished in a day, I was too captivated to put it down. Can't wait for book 3!!"  J. Conner -


Copyright © Patricia C. Lee

A wry grin pulled at the corners of Ardis’ mouth. He was getting too old for this.

Dusk settled as he neared home after a long and grueling day. Dust and sweat covered his aching body, the result of hand-to-hand instructional training with the king’s army. He shifted in the saddle, pushing aside the muscle fatigue.

When he’d asked the king to be taken out of combat and become the army’s battle instructor instead, Lord Daylen understood his need to raise a child. The ruler also didn’t want to lose such a valuable soldier and granted the request. He threw himself into the job of training his men to the point where they operated like a single powerful unit.

He wiped a hand across his weary eyes. Maybe it was time to select a replacement, someone who cared for the lives of his men like he did. He’d have to run that by the king first, of course. Besides how his body retaliated to the brutal workout, he’d sensed something lacking in his life lately. Truth of the matter was he was lonely. Although his daughter greeted him when he came home each day, and they shared a close bond, the company of a child couldn’t replace that of a woman.

He’d lost a piece of himself when Rhiann’s mother died. A part that was forever bound to a wonderful, selfless human being. It had been hard but the needs of his daughter came first. And when the ache for comfort and release became too much, he took a few hours and lost himself in the arms of a willing female in the next settlement. But it was never more than sex. The women wanted more, yet he’d kept them at a distance. He treated them with respect but made it very clear from the beginning there would be no commitment. Some agreed, some didn’t. It hadn’t been an issue with him—until recently.

Before long, Rhiann would want to begin a life of her own, he mused. She was a beautiful, strong and independent young woman and would make an excellent wisfel. But so far there wasn’t a man worthy enough for her.

She would have more than a few words to say of the subject, he thought smiling, picturing the verbal battle.

Home. Finally. He dismounted and led his mount into the stable. The smile widened when he saw the sorceress’ horse was gone. He heaved a sigh of relief. He found it mildly surprising Narena had given up so easily. But something else lay underneath his contentment. Perhaps the air he breathed out held a tinge of disappointment. The woman had been on his mind for most of the day. Maybe she was the reason why some of his men landed blows that he ordinarily blocked with ease. In the morning, after a night of tossing and turning, he was grateful to be gone before she wakened. The thought of seeing her, hair tousled from sleep, face relaxed, lying on the bed…

“Stop.” With self-loathing, he took the bridle and saddle from his horse, hung them up and began to brush the animal down. Thinking like a young lad, entranced by the beauty and mystery of the sorceress. Grow up. It didn’t matter he found her captivating and enticing. Always had. Her presence threatened his family and he should be glad she was gone. But he couldn’t deny what his body felt. How it tensed when she touched him, sending fissures of heat across his skin. Enough already.

Ardis gathered fresh hay to feed his horse. He gave a loving pat as the animal munched its meal. His brows knitted together. Rhiann usually met him when he came home. A trickle of apprehension skittered round his belly. He went to grab a bucket of fresh water when realization dawned. No light came from the house when he rode up. Strange. He turned to get water and stopped. A sickening thought thundered into his brain. Narena. She took her.

He dropped the bucket, tore from the stable, raced across the yard and into the house.

“Rhiann!” He tried to quell the rising panic. His gaze swept the dim room.


He covered the distance to her chamber in three strides. Perhaps his daughter was resting. But she didn’t answer when he called. He brushed aside the heavy brown curtain. Too dark to see much. Murky shadows formed someone lying on the bed. He rushed forward and as his eyes became adjusted to the lack of light, he thought his heart stopped. Fear, pain, disbelief and horror exploded in his chest. His loving daughter lay with bandages wrapped around her chest. No. This cannot be. Shaking hands gingerly touched the bindings. He took a slow, deep breath and held it. His ears strained. Soft breathing freed the air in his lungs. She was alive. Thank the gods.

He returned to the main room. No sign of struggle but Rhiann had obviously been attacked. She must have bandaged herself before slipping in unconsciousness. Who would do this? Noise drifted in from outside, resurrecting the warrior in him. Hoof beats. He wasn’t expecting anyone and a friend would have called out. Unless the rider was the person who’d attacked his daughter and had returned.

Rage consumed him. With cat-like grace Ardis stepped forward. He had the element of surprise.

He waited a heartbeat. Two.

The door swung open.

And he sprang.