Book 3 Daughters of the Crescent Moon

Raised by adoptive parents, Rhiann lives a peaceful life – until an attack perpetuates her destiny, scarring her forever. Bound by lineage as a guardian of a powerful talisman called The Moon, she travels two thousand years to modern day where magic doesn’t exist and the amulet will be safe. Except someone has followed her through time and will do anything to have The Moon, no matter the cost. 

Duty is Prince Rayja’s edict. To his family, the throne and Leisos’ people. So, when he gets pulled through time with Rhiann, he tells himself it’s to ensure The Moon’s safety and not because the farm girl got under his skin. Regardless that her quiet reserve and compassion with animals tugs at his heart. Only he never makes it to the future. While the life of the prince who she has given her love to hangs in the balance, Rhiann is determined to rescue Rayja from between worlds and find another protector for The Moon. Her strength is tested from friend and foe, modern technology and ancient rituals. 

The Daughters of the Crescent Moon trilogy comes to a thrilling conclusion in a battle where allies appear from unexpected sources, with the discovery and loss of loved ones and the realization that destiny spans all time.  




Readers' Favorite Reviews gives Destiny's Future ***** 5 Stars!

"The narrative style is unique, embellished by a masterful use of descriptive language. At times the read is poetic, evoking powerful images and emotions, allowing the reader glimpses into the state of mind of the characters. Told in the third person narrative, the author does an exceptional job in creating distinct, unmistakable POVs. The entire series features the kinds of characters that most readers will root for. Rhiann and Prince Rayja are a pair to follow closely and their adventure offers numerous surprises and breathtaking moments. The plot is well conceived and beautifully accomplished with sudden twists and surprises that make the entire read fun, exciting, and nonstop. In Destiny’s Future, Patricia C. Lee creates a world of pleasant escape for fans of fantasy, a work that I’d recommend to anyone looking for a well-accomplished story." 

"I loved Patricia C. Lee’s writing and was drawn into the atmosphere of the story right from the start because of her poetic diction and the powerful prose. I loved her characters, especially Rhiann with her humble origins and noble mission. Following this character as she grows in courage, determined to fulfill her mission, is not just entertaining, but inspiring. The characters like Rayja, the prince, will remind readers of how far the power of love can drive the human heart. Destiny’s Future features great conflicts and these conflicts help to move the plot forward in very interesting ways. There is a lot to love about this last part of Daughters of the Crescent Moon series and I won’t hesitate to recommend it as an engaging and utterly entertaining read to fans of fantasy. A well-crafted story with compelling characters."  Romauld Dzemo

"Patricia C. Lee has a gift for plot and character, and readers won’t need to read much into the work to realize this as they are immediately swept away by the engaging descriptions, the poetic allure of her language, and the powerful narrative voice right from the opening lines of this beautiful story. The story also touches on a good number of very interesting themes and they will speak to many readers because they are very close to their own experiences. Love, sacrifice, betrayal, and a sense of duty are among the most recurrent ones. I loved the way the characters evolved throughout the story. They are engaging and fully-fledged. Destiny’s Future is one of the very few novels I have read that deals with time travel, and I found it greatly satisfying.Christian Sia
Paranormal Romance Guild gives Destiny's Future ***** 5 Stars!

As with all the other books [ the series] there is suspense, secrets, surprises and romance. This series has everything you could want if you love paranormal and fantasy" Linda Tonis