being witty, petite and feisty has its benefits

Recently divorced, petite and feisty Texan, Sadie Hawkins, struggles to get her newly established logistics business off the ground and when the opportunity to haul antiquities, including a mummy, drops into her lap, she jumps at the chance. But when her cargo gets stolen and a fresh corpse mysteriously replaces the mummy, Sadie is arrested for theft and suspicion of murder.

Out on recognizance thanks to her lawyer ex-husband and not willing to watch her business sink farther in debt while the police search for clues, Sadie yanks up her cowboy boots and does some investigative work on her own. Stymied by her lack of success, she reluctantly enlists a few members with specific skills from Streetsmart, an organization made up of rehabilitated young adult offenders.

While taking whatever moving job she can to keep her business from going under, Sadie endeavors to uncover the truth, the whole time wondering if this crime is some form of retribution for an incident in her past. But when things spiral out of control and Sadie is caught in the killer's crosshairs, it appears not even her accomplices in Streetsmart will be able to save her now.  

"a brisk, enjoyable tale of a resourceful amateur investigator" - kirkus reviews

5 Star Review from K.C. Finn of Reader's Favorite: Author Patricia C. Lee has crafted a truly charming and suspenseful novel for fans of cozy mystery fiction who still like a little grit and realism in their reading material. Sadie Hawkins is an enigmatic protagonist who is admirable but far from perfect, and we as readers can follow her ups and downs with empathy and root for her from cover to cover. Lee's intimate narration style gives us insight into the character and the world as she sees it, and there's plenty of empowering moments and Southern grit to keep the mood of the novel uplifted. What results is a well-paced mystery plot unfolding around charming characters who react realistically to their settings, making for a truly entertaining read. Overall, I would certainly recommend First Gear to fans of mystery fiction who want a novel that delivers on all levels.

From A Cozy Experience: "This book was a lot of fun. Sadie is making her way in the male dominated world of moving/hauling and her adventures are sure to draw you in. Once I started I didn't want to put the book down. Sadie is an example in overcoming diversity and making lemonade when the world gives you lemons. Great book!" 

On Goodreads: Daniel "If you are looking for one last relaxing 'beach read' as the summer winds down, an enjoyable mystery/thriller I'd recommend would be First Gear, a quick escape from pandemic-driven anxiety  with a plucky protagonist and compelling supporting characters...." Roxx "...Lee has started what promises to be a great series, with some humour, lots of twists and enough excitement to keep me turning pages. I can highly recommend First Gear, and am looking forward to the next one in the series." Valerie "I really liked this book. Good writing style." More Goodreads reviews


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