What people are saying about the
Crescent Moon Trilogy

"I have no words to describe how fantastic this series was. Very strange feeling for a person that is opinionated as I am. I could not put this book down. Patricia's outstanding writing had me feeling what these characters were feeling if they were crying so was I. I have read a lot of paranormal romance novels and this series is definitely one of my favorites! I would put this series on your MUST read list." Amazon Customer 

"As with all the other books there is suspense, secrets, surprises and romance. This series has everything you could want if you love paranormal and fantasy." Paranormal Romance Guild

"I absolutely loved all three books in the Daughters of the Crescent Moon Series written by Patricia Lee... I love how the 3 books are interlinked and how you meet each of the main characters of the next book in the series in the previous book but then follow their adventure. Although you read about 3 different main characters they are all related and are continuing the story only from their perspective. I loved this series so much and couldn't wait to read the next book in the series every time I finished each one. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good fantasy with action and love. It was a fun series to read." Angie Coates - Amazon

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